Knowles: UMKC incident a 'warning shot' to conservatives (VIDEO)

  • Conservative commentator Michael Knowles said Thursday night's UMKC incident was a "warning shot" to conservatives.
  • Knowles called the backlash to his "Men are not Women" speech "fascism as clear as fascism can be."

Conservative commentator Michael Knowles said on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight that the incident at the University of Missouri-Kansas City on Thursday, in which he was doused with a bleach-like, non-toxic substance, was a "warning shot" to conservatives of what could happen if they continue to speak their minds. 

One person was arrested Thursday night during Knowles' "Men are not Women" speech. Initial reports indicated that the individual who was arrested and later charged with multiple counts threw bleach at Knowles. Other reports suggested the substance was paint. However, the substance has since been confirmed to have been a non-toxic material. 

"The university abandoned every one of its conservative students and it encouraged the agitators and it encouraged the violence"   

Despite what it was, though, Knowles suggested this incident should serve as a wake-up call for conservatives across the country. 

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"This was a warning shot to conservatives on colleges around the country, that if you don't shut up, if you don't cow-tow to leftist orthodoxy, you will be bullied, you will be shouted down, you will be physically intimidated, and maybe next time that substance will be a little more dangerous, a little more toxic, Knowles said. 

"It is fascism as clear as fascism can be. And the university abandoned every one of its conservative students and it encouraged the agitators and it encouraged the violence," Knowles added. 

Carlson then pointed out that UMKC is a publicly funded university and that "we should shut it down immediately." 

According to a Campus Reform report, compiled using publicly-available government data, UMKC received $11,296,000 in federal research funding in 2017. President Donald Trump, in a recent executive order, threatened to pull federal research funding from universities that do not protect the First Amendment. 

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