Franklin Graham to Christian univ. students, alumni: What are you 'smoking'?

  • Franklin Graham slammed students and alumni of an Indiana Christian university after they protested a scheduled appearance by Vice President Mike Pence.
  • The evangelical icon asked in a Facebook post, "What are these people smoking?"

Evangelical icon Franklin Graham, son of the late, world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, has a question for students and alumni of Indiana Christian school, Taylor University.

After a petition against Vice President Mike Pence delivering the school's commencement address garnered thousands of signatures from students and alumni, Graham, who has been an outspoken advocate and supporter of President Donald Trump and Pence, took to social media to ask, "What are these people smoking?" 

"There couldn’t be a better, more qualified, more inspirational speaker for graduates to hear from or a better example for them to follow in life."   

"This reminds me of Paul’s words, 'You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?' (Galatians 3:1)," Graham wrote, quoting the Bible. Graham recalled Pence stating that he is a "Bible-believing Christian" and wondered if that is "what they are objecting to."

"There couldn’t be a better, more qualified, more inspirational speaker for graduates to hear from or a better example for them to follow in life," Graham added, referring to the sitting vice president. 

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Despite the backlash to Pence's scheduled appearance at the university in his home state where he was once governor, Taylor University has thus far stood by its invitation to the vice president, calling him a "good friend to the University over many years" and a "Christian brother whose life and values have exemplified what we strive to instill in our graduates." 

Students and alumni opposed to Pence's invitation, like Taylor University alumnus and Washington, D.C. resident Alex Hoekstra, who started the online petition, said that Pence's appearance would make“alumni, faculty, staff and current students complicit in the Trump-Pence Administration's policies which … are not consistent with the Christian ethic of love we hold dear.”

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