VIDEO: Bernie Sanders' millionaire status is the 'embodiment' of socialism

  • Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips joined Fox and Friends to discuss his most recent video on Sen. Bernie Sanders' millionaire status.
  • Most students with whom Phillips previously spoke said called it "hypocritical" for Sanders to be a millionaire, given his past statements.
  • Phillips pointed out that's what socialism is: bureaucrats getting rich while trying to tax others.

Campus Reform Media Director Cabot Phillips joined Fox and Friends Thursday to discuss his most recent video in which he asked students at the University of New Hampshire whether they think it is hypocritical for Sen. Bernie Sanders to be a millionaire, given that for years he has railed against the "greedy" one percent earners. 

Many of the students with whom Phillips spoke said that they do find it hypocritical, something Phillips said was "absolutely striking" to see. 

"This is the embodiment of what socialism is"   

"Not only has he [Sanders] maligned the one percent, talking about how evil it is to become rich, he has actually said that it is 'immoral' for a U.S. senator to become a millionaire," Phillips pointed out. 

"This is the embodiment of what socialism is," Phillips continued, regarding the self-described democratic socialist. 

"Socialism means government bureaucrats at the top telling everyone else how to live, telling everyone else how evil wealth is, then amassing it quietly themselves while trying to tax everyone else. It's good for them [college students] to get to see that hypocrisy and I do think this is going to hurt Bernie in the big picture in 2020," Phillips predicted. 

"I do think it's going to play a role in people feeling like they can't trust him as much as they think..." he added.

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