Joe Biden is the 'guy that's been in politics for 40 years' and now wants a 'participation trophy,' Cabot Phillips says

  • Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips reacted to Democrat voters being unable to name a single one of Joe Biden's accomplishments.
  • Phillips said that Biden is essentially the "guy that's been in politics for 40 years and he's now saying, 'I deserve a participation trophy.'"

Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips recently interviewed Democrat voters outside the Democrat debates in Detroit. His question to them seemed like a simple one: What is former Vice President and 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden's single biggest accomplishment from the four decades he has spent in politics? The majority of Democrat voters, though, were unable to point to anything Biden has actually done. 

Phillips joined Fox & Friends Saturday morning to share his thoughts on voters being unable to point to a single one of his accomplishments. 

"Joe Biden is essentially that guy that's been in politics for 40 years and he's now saying, 'I deserve a participation trophy."   

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"Joe Biden is essentially that guy that's been in politics for 40 years and he's now saying, 'I deserve a participation trophy. Make me president. That's my participation trophy," Phillips said. "And I think this is really indicative of how many people in the Democrat party - yes, they're supporting him and yes he's leading in the polls but I think a lot of that support is because people feel, 'well, he's inevitable. He's been handpicked by the party. Of course, this is somebody we need to support." 

But Phillips recalled another time where a particular candidate was well-liked by the establishment but much less so by voters. 

Referencing Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Philips said, "Remember back in 2016 there was also a candidate who was picked by the establishment and voters felt fronted. Voters felt like they never really had a choice, that they just had to go along with it" 

"I think right now we're in that stage with Joe Biden where people are supporting him because there's that name recognition and because they feel like the party's going to inevitably pick him anyway, not because they are necessarily fired up about him or because they know his accomplishments," Phillips added. 

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