'Bad news for Biden'? Students' reactions to Ukraine dealings complicate former VP's 2020 chances

  • Campus Reform's Eduardo Neret joined Fox & Friends Tuesday to discuss his latest video on former Vice President Joe Biden and his alleged dealings with Ukraine.
  • Students with whom Campus Reform spoke called Biden's son's lucrative Ukraine oil contract while father was vice president "corrupt."
  • Neret called these perceptions "bad news" for Biden's presidential campaign in 2020.

After news broke that former Vice President and 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, made $50,000 per month working for a Ukraine oil company, despite having no prior experience in the industry, as some suggested that Biden may have leveraged the power of his office as vice president to secure the lucrative position for his son, Campus Reform asked students at the University of Miami to respond to the controversy, specifically, whether they found they perceived the arrangement as corrupt. 

Most students with whom Campus Reform spoke said that yes, they did think such behavior is corrupt, further underscoring the difficulty Biden could have winning over younger, more progressive Democrat voters in the 2020 Democrat presidential primary. 

"This is bad news for the Biden campaign"   

Campus Reform's Eduardo Neret, who spoke with the students at the University of Miami, joined Fox & Friends Tuesday morning to discuss the possible implications for the Biden campaign just a few months ahead of the all-important Iowa caucuses. 

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"This is bad news for the Biden campaign," Neret said. "The fact that college students who are a key constituency in the Democratic Party are down on Biden isn't good news. They're upset with the status quo, they're upset with career politicians, and frankly, this is the reputation Biden has. They didn't settle for an establishment candidate like Hillary Clinton in 2016 and it looks like they're not going to settle for Biden in 2020." 

This comes as a recent CollegePulse poll found that the majority of college prefer candidates with more socialist policies, namely Sen. Bernie Sanders (29 percent) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (22 percent). Support for Biden (10 percent) among college students was less than half of that of Warren and just over one-third of college students' support for Sanders.

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College students are not the only ones who could struggle to get on board with Biden, though. 

In August, Campus Reform's Cabot Phillips traveled to Detroit, the site of the first Democrat presidential primary debate, and asked attendees there whether they could name any of Biden's accomplishments. Very few people with whom Campus Reform spoke could point to any.

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