VIDEO: Eduardo Neret on colleges' latest attempt to 'erase' history 'they don't like'

  • College around the country are replacing Columbus Day with "Indigenous People's Day."
  • As Campus Reform's Eduardo Neret noted, these are just the lastest attemps to "erase parts of history that they don't like."

Campus Reform covered multiple stories this year of colleges recognizing "Indigenous People's Day" rather than Columbus Day in what Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret calls the "latest erase parts of history that they don't like." 

Neret made the comments on Fox & Friends Monday morning, highlighting various examples of colleges ditching Columbus Day. 

"Educators can use this day to explain that. They can add context to history."   

Among the examples he highlighted were Vanderbilt University hosting a lecture on "white cannibals" and, as Campus Reform reported earlier in 2019, the University of Notre Dame covering up murals of Christopher Columbus. 

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While there's an argument to be made regarding Columbus' treatment of native peoples upon his arrival to the New World, Neret pointed out how the event nonetheless is a significant turning point in world history. 

"Nobody's saying that Christopher Columbus was a perfect guy," Neret said. "Educators can use this day to explain that. They can add context to history. They can recognize indigenous people without doing so at the expense of Columbus and again, this is going to expand beyond just Christopher Columbus." 

As Campus Reform has reported, colleges around the country have called for the removal of statues of Founding Fathers, as was the case at Hofstra University in New York. And at George Washington's namesake university located in the city named for him -Washington, D.C., students at George Washington University voted to replace the school's "George the Colonial" mascot. 

Neret referenced these examples as well. 

"We've already seen it with the Founding Fathers. We've seen it with history in our own country and if Americans don't take a stand on this, we're going to see this next generation of college students go out into the real world and try to scrub our history."

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