Caught on video: Black-masked Syracuse protesters 'blocking traffic'

  • Leftists protesters at Syracuse University blocked city streets Wednesday night.
  • The protesters have released a list of demands for school adminisrators in response to a string of reported racist incidents.

Leftist protesters at Syracuse University blocked off at least two city blocks Wednesday night in what is the latest development in the months-long standoff between the school administration and protesters who have named their movement "Not Again SU," a reference to a string of reported racist and anti-semitic incidents on campus. reported Wednesday that 100 students, faculty, and other leftists protesters took to the streets of Syracuse, New York, near the university campus, and staged a sit-in, blocking and holding up traffic for at least two city blocks. Protesters chanted, some of whom wore black masks, chanted, “No justice! No peace! No racist police!” and “SU puts the ‘S’ in White Supremacy."

"blocking vehicular traffic is not only against the law, it is unsafe..."   

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In a statement to Citrus TV student media, the Syracuse Police Department said it was "made aware of people who were blocking traffic" and that "officers responded to the area and located numerous people in the street."

"Officers temporarily rerouted traffic to ensure the safety of those involved. Warnings were given to those occupying the road," police said, reminding protesters that "blocking vehicular traffic is not only against the law, but it is unsafe and could limit the ability of the public to travel to essential medical services." 

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The protests follow weeks of campus demonstrations and sit-ins staged by protesters with a growing list of demands for the chancellor, including that he resign. The list of demands also includes being given the ability to select a roommate based on race, disarming campus police officers, and protesters not being "penalized for late or missing coursework or absences" as a result of engaging in the days-long sit-in.

Protesters took to the streets on the same day they said the school had originally agreed to meet with them. Not Again SU said Wednesday that the university administration canceled the negotiation meeting, originally scheduled for 4 p.m. The meeting is now on for 11 a.m. Thursday. 

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