UMD students claim Matt Walsh's rhetoric 'gets us killed'

  • A student group at the University of Maryland said that conservative commentator Matt Walsh was "not welcome" on campus.
  • The group labeled Walsh a "transphobic shitbag" and said his rhetoric is the type that "gets us KILLED."

As conservative commentator Matt Walsh was about to address a student audience Monday at the University of Maryland, one leftist student group made it clear that he was "not welcome" on campus. 

The Prison Resistance Project, whose stated mission is to "foster, strengthen, unite, and sustain intense resistance to the criminal punishment system," is listed on UMD's website as a student organization. 

"a raging transphobe, homophobe, racist, and fascist"   

"We are first and foremost a prison abolition group, which means that we educate and agitate for the politics and goals of this movement and apply its many principles to all of our work," the description of the group states. 

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In a tweet on Monday, the group singled out Walsh, labeling him a "noted bigot." 


"The ideology he espouses is a danger to our trans and non-binary siblings. Fascists are not entitled to a platform, so let's all make it clear tonight that reactionaries like Walsh are not welcome at UMD."  The group's tweet contained two different flyers, one of which called Walsh a "transphobic shitbag," adding that the rhetoric he uses is "the kind of rhetoric that gets us KILLED."  

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"This event is a threat to all LGBT+ people. Matt Walsh is a raging transphobe, homophobe, racist, and fascist. He is not arguing in good faith and advocates for the criminalization and institutionalization of all LGBT+ people," the group added. "We will not entertain 'debate' about whether everyone deserves rights and basic human dignity. On behalf of the LGBT student population of UMD, DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THIS SPEAKER OR ATTEND HIS EVENT. LEAVE NOW." 

Walsh tweeted after the event, "the protestors stayed outside. Refused to come in and engage. I was hoping today would be the day that a leftist finally defines the word woman for me, but apparently not. The dream lives on though. Some day. Some day." 


The University of Maryland did not respond to Campus Reform in time for publication. 

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